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Heimdal 1.53 18/06/12 Free English
  • Windows 2000
  • Windows XP

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Download videos from Youtube and a hundred other pages

Elena Santos

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Heimdal is a tool that enables you to download videos from websites such as Youtube and other similar web services, up to more than 140 different websites. The program also includes some extra utilities like a file renamer and a memory manager, plus lots of links to online resources and applications.

The main peculiarity about Heimdal is that it works together with your download manager (like FlashGet, for example) and uses them to download the video, therefore taking advantage of the possibility to establish multiple connections and download files faster.

"I gave it another try . . .."

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I thought that by your last post, I should be fair and try the application again. I even went to the website you provided that included the instructions. After spending much time watching the online videos on how to use Heimdal and reading your post over and over, I have to say it's still not a logically designed application. For the average person, I believe it will be difficult to use. I challenge other readers of this post to voice their opinions, afterall that what these are, personal opinions. I say this respectfully as it is very obvious someone has spent a great deal of effort and time creating this application. I applaud your effort. In no way have I consciously intended to offend anyone by my original post. If I have, please accept my apologies. Having said that, I still find the application too complicated and unusable.

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31 Jan 2008

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